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Module 1 Homework

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This Lights Out exercise will use your working life to help reset your circadian rhythm and build a formal practice into your daily routine.


·      If you rush to work, ask yourself why? Really ponder that for a few moments

·      Now, hold in your head the time you are supposed to be at work. If you have various shift patterns pick your favourite shift

·      Subtract ten minutes. This means you will be ten minutes early for work, or if you miss the train or bump into an old friend, you will be on time

·      How long does it take you to travel to work if you do it in a leisurely fashion? (e.g. like going to see aunty on a Sunday)

·      Subtract this time

·      How long does it take you to get from your bed to the front door in the morning if you do this in a leisurely fashion AND have breakfast?

·      Subtract this time

·      Are you a snoozer? If so, subtract your entire snooze time. Circle this time because it is your alarm time

·      Now subtract eight hours. Circle this time too

·      What time have you got? Ponder that for a few moments

·      This is your Lights Out time during the working week. Think about that for a second. Say it out loud

·      Now subtract the length of your preferred practice (i.e. Pause (4mins), Cinema Inside (9mins) or Body Scan (16mins)) from your alarm time and from your Lights Out time

·      At some point between rising from your bed and locking your front door behind you, you know you have between 4-16mins for personal practice

·      Don't forget to set the timer on your smart phone before doing your practice in case you get submerged in your meditation

·      And when you've finished, enjoy your leisurely journey to work



*If you use our album you will always have the practices that are referred to in the modules, but you are very welcome to find your own favourite guided practices for free. Use the following search term: "mindfulness body scan guided practices"