An Introduction to MEQ® at Work is an eight week course with minimal time impact designed to apply Mindfulness (M) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) immediately.

Eight engaging fifteen minute weekly live sessions are packed with information as well as one formal guided practice per session.

Throughout the course, participants are taken on a journey that helps them understand their emotional responses and builds strength and resilience from day one.

What Does the Course Teach?

An introduction to MEQ® at Work shows participants how to make meditation part of their everyday lives so they can remain calm, focused, productive and emotionally stable.

Weekly on line contact and daily updates via a WhatsApp Buddy Group help to promote the efficacy of daily practice.

We start with an Orientation Questionnaire sent by email one week before the first contact session and finish with a Closing Questionnaire & Certification one week after the last session.


  1. History
    Learn how to meditate and discover the origins of MEQ® and mindfulness
  2. The Seven Tenets of Mindfulness
    Get a deeper understanding of the principles behind your moment by moment exploration 
  3. The Triune Brain
    A simplified method of understanding how emotional intelligence works
  4. Making Time
    How to integrate significant formal practice into your morning routine
  5. Neuroplasticity
    Proving that mindfulness works with the brain's natural ability to grow
  6. The Cinema Inside
    A practice for those who have particularly busy minds and for those who have trouble sleeping
  7. The Body Scan
    Learn the most popular' mindfulness practice in the world
  8. Q&A
    Feedback and questions

* This last session can run over. Naturally you are free to come and go as you please.


MEQ® has long lasting proven benefits that include: improved productivity, engagement and satisfaction at work, as well as a marked positive effect on overall health.

Improves Health

On average employees report a 29% reduction in perceived stress

Boosts Productivity

Productive time per employee shown to increase by 38 hours per year

Engages Employees

91% of people believe it positively adds to workplace culture

    How to Begin


    1. WhatsApp installed on your smartphone
    2. An email address you check at least once a day


    1. Orientation Questionnaire
    2. Eight weekly fifteen minute webinars
    3. Four to sixteen minutes of personal formal practice every weekday morning for eight weeks
    4. Closing Questionnaire

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    MEQ® at Work

    An Introduction to MEQ® at Work allows you to quickly make meditative practice part of your daily life and use it to build emotional intelligence

    Your Commitment

    Before: Orientation Questionnaire

    On Line: 8 x 15min weekly modules from 10:00am to 10:15am GMT*

    At Home: 4-16 minutes of formal practice five days a week

    After: Closing Questionnaire 

    * If you are taking the course live (recommended), inform your line manager you are undertaking learning & development during the hours stated above

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