Really great experience - actually life changing
— Julie Ojaghi - Business Manager for Corporate Centre, The Department for Work and Pensions

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MEQ® L&D for executives, directors, managers and staff *


* Native language tutors available in Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Rome, Amsterdam, New York, Boston, Hong Kong and Beijing


I was surprised at how soon I felt relaxed and switched off from distractions, AJ Bicât delivered the session in a way that I felt engaged and connected with his words. I went back to work feeling calm, relaxed and in control
— Lisa Jackson - Credit Controller, Penguin Random House

Short Courses

Two and a half hour and one all day one-off sessions to quickly introduce the basic principles of MEQ® to executives, managers and staff



A two and a half hour one-off session to introduce MEQ® to your team

MEQ® in a Day

The complete introduction for understanding, experiencing and applying MEQ®